Live Cell Instrument (LCI) provides “Modify Service” (MS) for products including incubator, chamber, MagLevit and Touch-Bright.
If customers is in need of modification for research challenge or unable to use provided standard products with instrument in use, MS provides products designed to meet customer’s needs.
We provide perfect compatibility of products with various type of instruments through considerable experiments. The service period and cost depend on design.
LCI guarantee customized product as same period of standard products warranty.

We are ready to provide perfect solution for research challenge and development.

  • Modification services are designed to be
    compatible with certain type of instruments
    or overcome research challenge

  • Factory trained engineers who have worked for
    10 years manufacture and design customized
    instrument and software.

  • Our technical support team will support CS from
    designing to manufacturing between engineers
    and customers.

  • C&M team will guide and support customer from
    design to Customer service.

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